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3 Reasons WHY Chiropractors Should Know a Work Comp Attorney

3 Reasons WHY Chiropractors Should Know a Work Comp Attorney

Chiropractors see it all the time. Injury patients start a course of treatment only to drop off after insurance stops covering the bill. Your top priority is helping your patients recover and resume their daily activities, and when they stop coming in, you know their condition will likely worsen.

It’s a lose-lose scenario, no matter how you slice it.

A trusted workers’ compensation attorney can make all the difference. Someone who knows the law and understands the challenges both you, as the primary care physician, and your patients face after an injury is sustained in the workplace.

We’re all on the same team, working toward the same goals of effective recovery. Having an experienced attorney on your side for workers’ compensation cases is a smart strategy for practice and your patients. Here are three reasons why chiropractors should have a work comp attorney in their network.

1.   Work comp attorneys fight insurance companies for you.

As a chiropractor, you shouldn’t be responsible for knowing all the ins and outs of workers’ compensation. As you likely know, it’s complicated and nuanced. Your focus should be on your patients and their recovery, not the minutiae of ensuring people who have gotten hurt at work can access the treatment they deserve.

That’s our job.

We know that there are many levels of benefits available to injured workers, and we can help determine which benefits align with specific situations and treatment plans. We never want anyone to go without a paycheck, so exploring the benefits covered under the Worker’s Compensation Act with information provided by the Minnesota Department of Labor and Industry regarding wage loss benefits, medical benefits, and vocational rehabilitation benefits available under the work comp system, can make a big difference for many people.

Workers’ compensation attorneys pull all the details together to challenge insurance companies that don’t want to pay out what injured workers are owed.

2. Work comp attorneys know what treatment options are covered by the law.

Attorneys that specialize in workers’ compensation have studied the complex laws that protect injured workers, and we know that they’re entitled to chiropractic treatment. We know that chiropractors can be listed as a patient’s primary healthcare provider and that primary healthcare providers can deem various chiropractic treatments necessary for optimal recovery, including:

  • Joint adjustment or manipulation
  • Thermal treatment, including deep heating and cooling
  • Electrical muscle stimulation
  • Mechanical traction
  • Acupuncture
  • Massage and other manual therapies
  • Phoresis, iontophoresis and phonophoresis

These treatments are eligible for an initial 12 weeks of care, which can make a significant impact on the road to recovery. Sometimes, more care is needed, and a work comp attorney can help clients gain access to an additional 12 visits over the course of a year if certain conditions are met.

Imagine how much improvement your patients could make after a year’s worth of treatment. Let’s make it happen together.

3.   Work comp attorneys invest in your patients’ recovery.

The team at Schroeder & Mandel fights for our clients at no cost out of pocket. We get paid when we win benefits, settlements and proper treatment for your patients. Our team has deep experience on both sides of the case. We’ve worked alongside insurance companies, so we have insider knowledge about how the system is designed to benefit corporations, not individuals.

We know what your patients are up against, and we’re on their side. Our goal is to do the heavy lifting and fight the legal battles, so injured workers can reclaim their lives and livelihoods.

Let’s work toward recovery for your work comp patients.

Trust Schroeder & Mandel with the legal side of workers’ compensation, no-fault arbitrations and personal injury benefits, so your patients can access the chiropractic treatment they need for pain. Refer your patients to us for a FREE consultation to discuss any questions pertaining to work-related injuries. We look forward to working together.