Bicycle Accidents

As children, we rode our bikes around the neighborhood, knowing full well we might fall from time to time. Chances are, at that age, the result might be a bruised knee or scraped elbow. But bicyclists on trails and riding on roads are susceptible to a variety of dangers. If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident at the hands of a car, truck, another bicyclist or pedestrian, the injuries and recovery process are much more complex than simply brushing yourself off.

If the other driver caused it, we make sure their insurance covers it.

Despite increased public awareness around drivers’ responsibility to pay attention to vulnerable bicyclists on our shared roads, serious bicycle accidents continue to happen. This often leaves the bicycle accident victim with a large financial burden. If a driver caused your bicycle accident, we can help hold their insurance company responsible. Recovery for you will include payment for hospital-related healthcare costs, time missed from work, pain and suffering – not to mention bicycle repairs or replacement cost.

We navigate the complexity, objectively.

Unlike auto accidents, which, due to their relative frequency, have widely accepted models to assign fault to drivers, the process of assigning fault in a bicycle accident can be far more complicated. More importantly, many different insurance benefits apply, including your own auto No Fault insurance – which most people do not know. That’s why it’s important not to accept any settlement from any insurance company without first consulting with an experienced bicycle accident attorney who is well-versed in bicycle accident insurance laws.

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If you’ve been involved in an injury-causing bicycle accident, our team is expertly qualified to help you resolve your claim for the best possible outcome. Call us for a FREE consultation. When you decide to hire us, you pay nothing out-of-pocket. We’ll manage your bicycle accident injury claim and see it all the way through to its resolution. We get paid when we obtain a recovery for you.