Family crossing the road

Pedestrian Safety

Walking has to be one of the safest ways to move from place to place. At least it should be. A stone in your shoe, the occasional rolled ankle or bumping into objects or other people should be the most danger pedestrians face. Sadly, that’s not always the case on urban streets. Distracted drivers – either in cars, on bicycles or scooters – can cause severe injuries or even death.

Most cities aren’t built for pedestrian safety.

A sad but true reality of modern city planning is that infrastructure prioritizes motor vehicles, not pedestrians. Wide roads with limited visibility make it difficult for drivers and pedestrians to see one another in clearly marked spaces, let alone in places with little to no indication of a potential pedestrian crossing. When drivers strike people on foot or in wheelchairs, media coverage tends to blame the victim for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. But roadways are shared spaces. At times, even the police wrongfully blame the injured pedestrian. Pedestrians have rights, too. Most often pedestrians really DO “have the right of way.”

Our experience and expertise can help serve justice.

The team at Schroeder & Mandel knows your rights. We’re deeply versed in state laws that outline pedestrian rights and responsibilities. Drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians at both marked and unmarked crosswalks. In most cases, when a pedestrian is hit, the driver is at fault as they failed to keep a proper look out.

If you’ve been injured, the first step is to have your case reviewed without cost or obligation. No matter who the police or insurance company say they believe is at fault. This is where our experience and expertise enter. We will give you a better understanding of what the law states, what are your rights, as well as your options and determine what steps to take next to prove the other driver has responsibility for causing your injuries. Our team has deep experience representing injured pedestrians in many high-profile Minnesota pedestrian injury cases.

Let’s talk now, at no charge, so it doesn’t cost you later.

It’s important to speak with an experienced personal injury lawyer as soon as possible before you speak with the insurance company where they will twist what you say to help themselves out. We need to begin collecting evidence, gathering eye-witness testimony, and unraveling the details of the accident. Talking to the insurance company first can make matters worse for you. We’re here to help you get justice. Contact us today to schedule a FREE consultation.