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Do You Need an Auto Accident Attorney?

Short answer? Yes. We hear this question often. Most car accident victims are unsure whether or not their case warrants contacting a lawyer. Don’t let the insurance company tell you you shouldn’t consult with a lawyer. We provide a FREE consultation. If you’ve been injured in a car accident, you have a right to recover the damages you’ve suffered. You have a right to know whether you are receiving a fair settlement. But many factors go into this that the insurance company will never tell you about. It’s your life, and you deserve to live it free from physical pain or financial strain – especially when you were not at fault for causing the collision.

We’ve worked with car accident clients all over the state, and in true Minnesota fashion, many victims don’t think they can afford a lawyer. Maybe they’re not sure if their accident was severe enough to contact a lawyer. Or they aren’t sure if they are hurt badly enough to warrant a lawyer’s time. The Schroeder & Mandel team is here to tell you that it’s worth a FREE consultation to find out, as well as an explanation regarding your rights and the insurance benefits you are entitled to. After all, it’s what you (and the other driver) paid for!

“It Was Just a Fender Bender.”

The severity of the accident doesn’t necessarily make or break your case. We’ve seen clients with severe neck and back injuries when their car or truck didn’t sustain much damage. But you need to look at the damage to the striking vehicle too. Also, pain may not manifest right away. It could be the next day, days after, or doctors say even up to a week after the collision. Even if your minor symptoms appear minor, if they are getting worse, you need to see a doctor. Any injury or symptoms, small or large, deserves to be examined, treated and resolved. You deserve to recover what you’ve lost both physically and financially.

“I was in a small accident that left my car with severe damage but, more importantly, left me with back problems and daily pain. My chiropractor recommended Schroeder & Mandel as I was having troubles with my insurance company covering my medical expenses. My lawyer walked me through the entire process and helped me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. In the end, all of my medical bills were covered, and I was awarded a small sum for my pain. I would have never been able to do this without Schroeder & Mandel, and I am thankful that I had a team I could trust on my side.” – KL 2020

“I’m Not Sure if My Case Is Worth It.”

If you’ve suffered pain or financial loss after a car accident, your case is worth a FREE consultation. You only get one shot at a fair recovery from the insurance companies. You only have two separate and distinct insurance claims. So, you need to act fast and get the straight advice you deserve. Don’t settle for less than your claim may be worth. Add it all up. How much are your medical bills? Will you need any ongoing treatment or therapy? How about time lost from work? Your time is valuable, and you don’t have to settle for a life full of pain. You deserve to recover every penny, and Schroeder & Mandel is here to help. It’s worth a FREE consultation.

“Before reaching out to Schroeder & Mandel, I was overwhelmed with dealing with my claims on my own. I wasn’t expecting much despite being injured in an auto accident. I just wanted closure so that I could move forward. The outcome for my case was beyond anything I could have possibly imagined, and I am very thankful for everyone that helped on my case. I would recommend Schroeder & Mandel to anyone dealing with an injury from an auto accident.” – J, 2019

“I’m Not Sure If I am Hurt That Badly.”

If you’re injured, you’re hurt badly enough to get a FREE consultation. We’ve worked with auto accident victims on just about every type of crash. Every person is unique and every collision rests on its own set of facts and circumstances. You need to have doctors who understand your injuries and how best to document them for the skeptical insurance industry.

I hired S&M to represent me after I was injured in an auto accident. Throughout the ordeal, the entire firm treated me as if I was the only client and handled my case with far more care and attention than I could have ever imagined.– MK 2019

Legal Help After A Car Crash

Trust Schroeder & Mandel to handle the legal matters, so you can focus on getting well. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.