Treating patients with work-related pain or injuries?

Getting hurt at work isn’t an ideal situation for anyone, but there is an upside—an employee who has been injured on the job may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits and can select a chiropractor as their primary health care provider.

When you partner with a knowledgeable attorney, you gain a trusted, knowledgeable expert who will fight insurance companies for what you and your patients deserve, so you can focus on what you do best: helping your patients heal and get back to their normal activities. 

Even if you don’t know how to navigate the entire workers’ compensation process, you can still play a critical role in helping your patients ensure coverage for the treatment they need. 

Gabe Johnson, Schroeder & Mandel’s work comp expert, wants to help. He’s created two invaluable resources to help you better navigate work comp cases:

A Work Comp Checklist to help ensure you have all the information you need to start (and continue) treatment, such as what you should do when you are not paid or underpaid.

A Comprehensive Workers’ Compensation Guide that explains treatment parameters, when you can depart from those parameters, getting bills paid in litigation and more.

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