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Free Consultation, No Up-Front Fees.

We will help you recover and get the compensation you deserve. Start the process with a free initial consutlation where we can help you undertand how the law applies to your situation, and your options for moving forward.

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Free Consultation - What to Expect:

Little Canada Law Office

While all injury lawyers tell you that they offer a free consultation, sometimes it's not clear exactly what that means. When someone is injured, and another party is responsible for that injury, the victim of the injury can make a claim against the responsible party to compensate them for their medical expenses, time lost from work, and in some cases, pain and suffering. My job as a lawyer is to ensure that my client, the injured person, receives a settlement that is fair and will truly cover all physical, mental and economical injuries. And if the insurance company is unwilling to be fair and play by the rules, then we will sue them and make them pay. I do not charge any upfront fee to represent an injured person. You do not pay me by the hour. Instead, I am paid a pre-negotiated percentage of the total settlement when I make a recovery on your behalf.

In our first meeting, my primary goals are to identify two critical elements of any situation involving an accident or injury: First, to evaluate your situation and understand how the injury has affected your life. Second, is to determine who, if anyone, is responsible for your injuries, and build a strategy to make a recovery on your behalf. Should you choose to hire me, I will talk you through the recovery process and draft our strategy for your case..

For immeadiate response (during business hours) please call (651) 426-8740 (local) or (877) 426-8740 (toll free).

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(651) 426-8740 (local)
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Sending us an email will not make you a client of our firm. Until we have agreed to represent you, anything you send us will not be confidential or privileged. Before we can represent you, a lawyer will first take you through our conflict of interest procedure and see that you are put in touch with the lawyer best suited to handle your matter. If you proceed with an email, you confirm that you have read and understood this notice.