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Law & Politics names Richard Schroeder one of the top 40 Work Comp Lawyers in Minnesota.Schroeder & Mandel, PA is proud to announce that Richard Schroeder was named one of the Top 40 Workers' Compensation lawyers in Minnesota for 2009 by Law & Politics magazine. While it is an honor to be recognized by other attorneys in Minnesota, our main motivator continues to be helping injured workers in Minnesota and Wisconsin secure the benefits they deserve.

Representing Workers for Minnesota Workers' Compensation Claims
A work-related injury can have devastating consequences for you and your family. In addition to the pain from the injury, the financial stress of paying for doctor and hospital bills, medical devices, nursing care, rehabilitation costs, and other expenses can be overwhelming. At the same time, any lost wages can cut into your family's budget. Contact the workers' compensation attorneys at Schroeder and Mandel in White Bear Lake, Minnesota for help.

Legitimate Workers' Comp Benefits Are Often Denied
More often than you would think, legitimate workers’ compensation claims are denied or underpaid. Your claim for your injury at work may have been denied because no one witnessed your accident. You may have missed the deadline for notifying your employer that you were injured. Or your claim may involve a pre-existing injury that your work aggravated. For these and several other reasons, you need an experienced and effective Worker's Compensation lawyer advocating on your behalf. 

For example, you may have a history problem with your back, neck or elbow. If you injured yourself at work, the insurance company may have denied your claim based on your history. Another common situation occurs related to repetitive stress injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, that you believe was caused by your work. The insurance company, however, claims that the carpal tunnel is related to your hobbies or other activities you do at home.

Even when you know you are right, it can be hard to prove that an on-the-job injury is the real source of your problem. It can seem like you are fighting powerful insurance companies and stuck in a complex legal system. You need help, and contacting the workers' compensation lawyers at Schroeder and Mandel is an excellent first step. 

When you are hurt and can't work, the stakes are high. Mounting medical bills, combined with a smaller or non-existent check, are a tough combination that can quickly leave you in dire straights. It is essential to have an experienced attorney with you from the beginning of the workers’ compensation process. We will be with you from the filing of your initial claim until a final resolution. We serve injured workers in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, St. Paul) area from our White Bear Lake office. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation to understand your options regarding your work-related injury.

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