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Why Injured People Should Have a Lawyer on Their Side

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When someone is injured, your entire life changes in an instant. Not only does an accident victim have to work through the physical recovery of their injuries, but there are also legal and financial elements to think about. No reasonable person thinks of an injury as an opportunity to make money. Most injury victims are incredibly hesitant to contact a lawyer, often because they do not want to be thought of as an opportunist or a gold-digger. The simple fact is most injury victims are not going to be treated fairly if they do not have a lawyer on their side.

Who Pays When Someone is Hurt?

When someone is injured and needs to be compensated for their injuries, an insurance company is typically held responsible. As drivers, we pay our auto insurance premiums every month (just like homeowners, renters, business owners and a wide variety of other insurance carriers). However, when it’s time for the insurance companies to pay out on a claim, things can get complicated.

Will an Insurance Company Treat me Fair Without an Attorney?

I obviously can’t speak for every insurance company and every accident. However, the more serious your accident, the more complex your rehab, treatment and recovery will be, and that complexity can leave a lot of room for interpretation.

For example, say you break your arm and are unable to work for exactly six months, and after the 6 months you are 100%. That would be fairly easy to calculate; your wages for 6 months, plus your medical costs, and often insurance companies will figure in some additional funds both to cover attorneys’ fees and for your pain and suffering. However, what if it’s your back that is injured, and the doctor isn’t sure when you’ll be able to return to work, and when you do it will likely be at a different type of job. What’s more, what if your medical costs are on-going; how do we calculate the cost of medical treatments that you haven’t received yet?

You can see that things can get extremely complicated very quickly. The factors used to determine how your recovery is calculated are fluid and require a lot of subjective input. If you leave the entire process up to the insurance company, they are likely to end up offering you a substantial amount of money, but it very well will not completely compensate you for your injury.

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If you or a loved one has been hurt, you can start the recovery process by taking advantage of a free initial consultation. If you choose to move forward with your case, there is no up-front fee to hire me to represent you. Instead, I am paid a portion of the recovery I secure on your behalf, which means that if you don’t win, you don’t pay. Contact me today to learn more or to schedule a time to come and meet with me.