Kind Words From Past Clients.

Rick and Nan put me at ease from day one. Always very professional. Would highly recommend to anyone in need. Thank you for all the time and effort you put into my case.

I hired Gabe based on a recommendation from a friend. After over thirty years I suffered an injury on my job and was denied the claim and was forced to quit my job. Gabe worked out a very good settlement with the insurer and I got an even better job within a few months.

I hired Gabriel to help with a Workmen's Comp. case. He was very professional, easy to get a hold of, and returned phone calls quickly. He had a lot of knowledge in the process, and what I should or should not do with my current employer. He explained things in ways I could understand, and I always felt like I was in charge of my case. I would definitely use him again if I needed to in the future. I would recommend him to all my friends and family without a doubt. -QC

Very satisfied with Rick Schroeder & his capable staff. Any and all of my questions answered in extremely efficient manner. -JB

Gabe Johnson was recommended to me by a friend. After meeting with his colleague for the initial consultation, I signed the agreement to hire Gabe Johnson to represent me in my Workers Compensation case. Gabe was very easy to work with, available to answer all my questions, and did all the work necessary to resolve my case with a very satisfactory outcome.

Thank you for everything you've done for me. -PC

Mr. Schroeder & Nan were always courteous and friendly to me. The legal issues were discussed and the resolution each time exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all you did for me and my family. -MM

My experience with Gabe Johnson was excellent. I first contacted him for a consultant and he explained the steps that I need to take in my case. He recommended me to hire a QRC and gave me a contact that was very helpful. Later I called him back and hired him as my attorney. Gabe did everything very ethical, thorough, and promptly. I would recommend Gabe to anyone needing advice or hiring an attorney for their work comp case.

Mr. Schroeder and Nan were always courteous and friendly to me. The legal issues were discussed and the resolution each tie exceeded my expectations. Thank you for all you did for me and my family - NM

I am grateful that ____ sent me to you. You did everything (and more) that you said you would. From the very beginning I felt you had my best interest at hear and that it was about more than the settlement, that you and Nan cared about why my hip never healed up and it was important to find out why. I cannot express how much Nan’s compassion and patience meant to me. I would absolutely refer someone to you. Thank You! - CV

My case was complicated, I think it was handled great. I learned a lot about how Medicare is run and works. Thanks for your great work. - RL

Kate P (auto accident) 2016
Omg THANK YOU! It was YOUR hard work that had me be awesome, much gratitude to you Rick!! Cheers!

Kate L. (auto accident) 2015
I was in a small accident that left my car with severe damage but more importantly left me with back problems and daily pain. I saw a chiropractor for months to get my back on the right path again and heal my pain. My specific chiropractor gave me Rick's name as I was having troubles with my insurance company covering my medical expenses. I've never been through something like this before so it was scary for me to deal with. Thankfully I had Rick as my lawyer who walked me through the entire process, was there any time of day for questions and made this process very easy. His staff also made me feel extremely comfortable and at ease. In the end, all of my medical bills were covered, I was updated throughout. My questions were answered and I was also awarded a small sum for the pain I went through. I would have never been able to do this without Rick and remain thankful that I had someone I could trust on my side. I definitely will use Rick in the future if I ever am in a situation like this again, as well as recommend him to others.

Patti Jo (2015)
Great job Rick! We are thankful that the lord has given us a man that fights for the little people, justice and for what is right. Thankful for your suport staff and your ability to take on Farmers (insurance company) and prevail! You have stood your ground - You are a right and just man. Cases like these lead the way for what is right and change the world and give presidence to help with the laws. It's men like you that make a difference and men like the 80 year old truck driver that stand for what is right and make a difference. We are proud and happy for you that the jury did what you asked. May they see clearly now that you mean it and they should do the right thing by you. Great job keep up the fight for what is right .

Michael K. (auto accident) 2013
I hired Rick to represent me after I was injured in an auto accident. Throughout the ordeal, Rick treated me as if I was his only client and handled my case with far more care and attention than I could have ever imagined.

Laurie & Kelly N (auto accident) 4/13/14
Thank you for all that you do! We are blessed to have you on our side. The world needs more wonderful people like you in it. We are grateful of all of the good work that you do!

S.T. (accident victim) 12/14/14,
I will be relieved when at least the legal portion is wrapped up though you have been an exceptional attorney, very non-stereotypical

Kevin P (car crash case) 12/13/13,
Nan & Staff:
Thank you....for doing such an awesome job on my case!"

Mr. & Ms. M - Motor vehicle accident client, 2013
"We were treated so wonderfully and respectfully!"

Kirsten L. - Personal Injury Case, 2012
Rick has been an incredible attorney for us! He knows know how far he can push on our behalf, and when to stop. I trust Rick completely in the decision making process and really am thankful to him and his staff for all their time and work on our case.

Mike L. – Workers' Comp/ Personal Injury Case, 2011
"This was my first time I had to go through and was very concerned when I met Rick because I didn't know if I had a case or not! Rick made me feel comfortable, that he would take care of me and do the best he could to win. With Nan (senior paralegal) and Rick helping me get through this and making sure I understood the details, I was at ease. Thank you very much! You guys were great!

Ham M. - Personal Injury Case, 2010
I really appreciate your professionalism. It is too bad that I did not have you helping me earlier in my case. Your doggedness has been a bright spot in the horror that has gone on. Thank you for getting the issues resolved again.

My doctor remains is concerned about the low blood supply to my legs and that this cause and effect of their new deterioration. Some of the transplant skin is in decline from poor blood supply because of the damage that was not rectified by the surgery. Without your intercession, I would now be stranded without resources.

Jason C. - Personal Injury Case, 2009
I just wanted to say thank you for all your help, guidance and support through this case through the years.

This whole situation with my neck has been a tough thing to deal with, physically tough, frustrating, emotionally draining... Thank your for listening and understanding; your experience and knowledge of what this pain is like was helpful.

I am thankful for your guidance and work to get the best result possible. I am also happy that the case is over, they can be a long slow roller coaster, and I always felt like I was in good hands, so could focus on getting better.

I will recommend you to anyone else I know of with any claims, and will follow up with my neighbor again. I will also send a quick note to Nan to express my appreciation as well.

Sarah Larson - Personal Injury Case, 2009
"I have never hired an attorney before, so I was a little nervous about doing so for my first time. Rick Schroeder made me instantly at ease. Not only that, he was open and quite willing to answer my plethora of questions regarding his service.

Rick has been extremely prompt in responding to emails and correspondence, something which I highly value. He provides excellent customer service and has a vast knowledge of dealing with the ins and outs of insurance companies.

I would highly recommend him for any type of personal injury case."

Phil Hamlin - Personal Injury Case, 2008
Rick's a fantastic attorney that truly cares about the outcome of your case and shares your definition of justice!"

Megan Egan - Personal Injury Case, 2005
"Rick is not only the consumate professional, he treats me like an old friend. I had the blessing of finding Rick to represent me after an auto accident and I am so grateful for his tireless work and dedication. His commitment to integrity and genuine care for my wellbeing is incomparable. My case had a favorable outcome thanks to Rick's expertise and hard work. I have recommended Rick to several close friends and family members and will continue to do so."

Kurtis Berg - Personal Injury Case, 2004
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

"I know of Rick's work both as an attorney myself but also because he represented my father-in-law in a personal injury case. Rick's experience was evident and my father-in-law's case was brought to a successful conclusion in a relatively short period of time. I would recommend his services to others without reservation."

I wanted to commend Schroeder & Mandel, PA for their outstanding service and consistently exceeding my expectations.

Rick and his staff have paid great attention to detail and have never missed a beat. Throughout this entire process (drawn-out as it may be), they have taken the stress and worry out of my role. I never wanted to have to hire an attorney, but with the problems brought on by the insurance companies, it became a necessity. They were recommended to me by a friend who also had a wonderful experience and I will never regret retaining their services.

Rick has never backed down from the "bullies" at the insurance companies, and always has my best interest in mind. Whenever I see his letters, I'm proud he's my attorney. I always recommend Rick to anyone with a legal issue who may need help.

Thank you,