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Motor vehicle accidents involving commercial vehicles and semi-trucks (also referred to as 18-wheelers, semi-trailers, or tractor trailers) are among the most dangerous and deadly accidents on the highways of Minnesota and Wisconsin. Semi-truck accidents typically result in catastrophic injuries that include significant pain and suffering and often require continued medical treatment and physical therapy. The injury attorneys at Schroeder & Mandel, P.A. are dedicated to getting you the compensation you deserve and recovering your quality of life prior to the accident.

Trucking companies and their drivers must adhere to strict state and federal safety regulations. They are responsible for keeping accurate log books, time sheets and other records to ensure they are complying with the laws created to prevent driver fatigue. If your injury claim is based on a driver's lack of alertness or fatigue, these logs can be critical pieces of evidence in proving the trucking company's negligence. In addition to limiting their drivers' daily hours on the road, trucking companies are also required to perform background checks on their employees and administer ongoing employee evaluations. Failure to comply with these regulations makes trucking companies liable for the accident and responsible for your compensation.

An accident involving a semi-truck is complex; If you or a loved one have been involved in a semi-truck accident, you don't have to fight the insurance and trucking companies alone. Call the law offices of Schroeder & Mandel, P.A. to learn about how personal injury and truck accident laws in Minnesota or Wisconsin apply to your unique situation, and you options for pursuing compensation.