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Your First Meeting with an Injury Lawyer

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Free Consultation

We understand that you have questions about working with the insurance company, and we provide answers in a free initial consultation. There is no up-front cost to have us represent you.

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If you have been hurt and are looking at your options for hiring a lawyer, you have very likely seen the phrase “free consultation” over and over again. You may be wondering what happens at a free consultation with an injury lawyer, or concerned that it’s just a way to get you into a high-pressure sales presentation. At The Law Office of Schroeder & Mandel in North St. Paul, we understand that working through the recovery process after an injury is overwhelming, and you do not need any additional pressure.

Our Main Goals During a Free Consultation

We have two primary goals during a first meeting with an injury victim:

  1. To help you understand how the law applies to your injury situation
  2. To help you understand your options for pursuing compensation

You will not be asked to sign-up on the spot or be under any pressure what-so-ever. We only want you to understand how we can help you ensure that you are receiving the compensation that you are entitled to. Some of the issues that we will cover during a free consultation:

  1. What types of compensation you are eligible to receive because of your accident
  2. Who was at fault for your accident, and how we hold them responsible
  3. How Minnesota (or Wisconsin) injury and insurance laws apply to your situation
  4. The potential value of your case.
  5. How your medical bills will be paid and how we ensure that you have access to the medical treatments you need
  6. Answer any other questions you may have about your accident, injury law or other issues around your financial or physical recovery.

No Up Front Fees - We Are Paid After You Win

if you decide that you would like the lawyers at Schroeder & Mandel to represent you through your injury claim, we will provide you with a retainer agreement that will allow us to act on your behalf. You do not have to pay any attorney’s fees up front; instead, we are paid a percentage of the recovery that we secure on your behalf which means that if we don’t win, you pay nothing.

Don’t Settle For Less than You Deserve

Insurance companies have attorneys working hard to protect their interest, and that can mean getting you to settle for less than your claim is actually worth. Having a lawyer on your side protects your interests and ensures that you are treated fairly. Do not make the mistake of trusting the insurance company and settling for less than your injury is worth. When you choose Schroeder & Mandel to represent you, we will make sure that your claim is valued appropriately, and help you get the compensation you deserve.