dangerous and defective products

Dangerous and Defective Products

Minnesota & Wisconsin Injury Lawyer

The laws in Minnesota and Wisconsin require safety standards for products and instruct a manufacturer to warn consumers of a product's potential dangers. Simply put, the manufacturer of a product has a fundamental obligation to design, manufacture, and give instruction on continued care of a product to keep it reasonably safe to use.

A defective product can contribute to an already dangerous situation, or serve as the catalyst in accidents where the accident or related injury would not have been as severe had the product done what it was meant to do. In certain cases, auto manufacturers are held at least partially liable for auto accidents where the defect did not actually cause the accident, but rather did not function properly in the case of an accident. For example, a faulty seatbelt, carseat or airbag would be considered in the Defective Product Law, although the car accident is what initially caused the injury.

In today's competitive international manufacturing environment, companies are constantly working to cut costs related to producing products. However, when this cost-cutting results in unsafe products going to market, the manufacturer can be held liable for the injuries sustained by you, the consumer.

Unavoidably Unsafe Products

Obviously, some products simply would not work if they were made completely safe. Kitchen knives, drain cleaner and woodworking tools are just a few examples. However, a manufacturer still has a duty to warn of the inherent danger associated with the product, as well as make it as safe to use in a reasonable and controlled environment as possible. For example, if drain cleaner is packaged in a bottle with a faulty handle that made it likely to spill onto someone's hand in the course of reasonable use, a Defective Product claim might apply.

If you have been injured and think a defective product might have played a role in the injury, it is crucial to speak with an experienced lawyer who will work to understand the unique situation around your specific case. For a free consultation in the Minnesota or Wisconsin area, call Schroeder & Mandel, P.A. at 877-426-8740 or click here to arrange a meeting.