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Injury Involving a Concussion?

Insurance companies devalue, delay and deny concussion claims on a regular basis. Don't make the mistake of settling for less than you should. There is no up-front fee for me to handle your case.

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If you have suffered a head injury either as a result of an car crash or other accident having a lawyer on your side can make a big difference in how the insurance company treats your claim. Any head injury should be thoroughly examined both at the time of the accident or injury and at several follow up appointments. If you have questions about how to get your medical bills paid after a head injury or concussion, we can answer them in a free consultation.

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Symptoms of Concussions can be difficult to measure

Studies around concussions and brain injuries have been on the rise for the past 10 years, but many unknowns remain when it comes to treating them. Insurance companies have a tendency to delay, devalue and deny claims to protect their profit margin, so claims with “gray area” in terms of what treatments are needed can be hard to settle. Symptoms that are common in the days, weeks and even months after a concussion include:

  • Headaches
  • Feeling “Foggy” and Unaware
  • Nausea, Dizziness and Vomiting
  • Mood swings, irritability, and fatigue
  • Trouble with sleeping patterns, sleeping too much or too little
  • Difficulty with memory both short and long-term
  • Problems with vision (blurred, double vision, trouble focusing)

Treatment for Concussions - Missed time at work

In addition to getting medical visits approved, concussions can cause additional trouble in terms of filing a claim with the insurance company because the treatments for concussions typically consist of pain medication and activity modifications. Meaning, there’s a lot of “stay out of direct light” and “lay down in a dark room” suggestions that a doctor will make that are not possible for people who are at work. That means that to treat your head injury or concussion, you will likely need additional compensation for missed time at work.

Don’t Fight the Insurance Companies on Your Own

Our experienced injury lawyers can help you deal with the insurance companies, protect your legal rights and ensure that you get the compensation you are entitled to. Part of what an injury lawyer does for you is help measure or quantify your injury. Concussions are very difficult to measure, which makes getting the recovery you deserve difficult as well. As your legal counsel, we will fight for you and make sure that you have access to the treatment and financial compensation you deserve. Start the process with a free initial consultation today. To learn more about head injuries, see the following pages: