Bicycle Accidents

Minnesota & Wisconsin Bicycle Accident Injury Lawyer

Bicycles on trails and riding on roads are susceptible to a variety of dangers

As children, we all accepted falling off of a bicycle as something that might happen from time to time, and usually with little to no permenant damage. However, if you have been involved in a bicycle accident at the hands of a car or truck, the recovery process can be much more complex than simply brushing yourself off.

Despite increased public awareness about the need for drivers to pay attention to the bicycles sharing the roadway with them, serious bicycle accidents continue to occur, and often leave the victim of the accident with a large financial burden. If your bicycle accident was caused by a driver, you may be able to hold their insurance policy responsible for your damages. These damages may include:

  • Hospital & related healthcare costs
  • Time missed from work
  • Pain and suffering
  • Bicycle repair costs

Unlike auto accidents, which due to their relative frequency have widely accepted models to assign fault to drivers, the process of assigning fault in a bicycle accident can be far more complex. That is why it's important to not accept any settlement from your insurance company, or the other driver's insurance company, until an experienced attorney who is well versed in insurance settlements can give it an objective review. Some of the factors that can significantly alter the outcome of a bicycle case:

  • Drivers turning, not yielding right of way
  • Wind drafts caused by vehicles are too close to bicycles when passing
  • Hit and run, driver unaware that they caused bicycle accident
  • Whether or not shoulder lines were visible
  • Proper use of designated bicycle lane

As in all accident cases, there are a number of circumstances specific to your case that will effect the outcome. The bicycle injury attorneys at Schroeder and Mandel offer a free consultation so you can understand all of your options. Whether you are in a situation where you simply want an objective review of the settlement offered by the insurance company, or your claim has been denied completely and you want representation, we can help. Call 877-426-8740 orĀ click here to contact the law firm via email.