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High Profile Case Shines Light on "Onerous Tactic"
Earlier this month, the StarTribune and national media outlets ran the headline saying that Gretchen Carlson finds mandatory arbitration an obstacle to justice. Or, as the StarTribune reported on March 8th,

Safety Concerns Linger with Über & Lyft
Most days, I’m on the opposite side of the table negotiating with an insurance company on behalf of a client. But the addition of Über and Lyft to the car-for-hire marketplace has illustrated the gaps that exist between the drivers’ personal auto policies... (read entire article)

Attorney Schroeder's Letter to Star Tribune
After an article was published in the Star Tribune about the phasing out of "deer crossing" and "Slow, Children at Play" signs, Attorney Schroeder responded to the opinion section about how he feels that awareness of your surroundings is a key element to reducing traffic accidents.

Off-road Riding: Understanding Liability & Requirements
Parks have some great off-road trails for motorcycles. If you're lucky, you, a buddy or family friend owns land suitable to off-road thrills. Whether you own land or intend to ride on someone else's, it's important to understand liability and who is accountable for safety and injuries. (click here to read more...)

Insurance Minimums Drop as Wisconsin Changes Coverage Requirements
Changes in Wisconsin's insurance laws mean anyone who operates a motorcycle should review their current policy to ensure that they are protected in the case of a motorcycle accident.

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